Grant Seekers

Please read these grant guidelines thoroughly before applying.  The grant guidelines include important information about these grants including what you can use the grant for and the criteria used to assess your application.

What is the objective of the TCF grant?
To provide resources for effective and creative evangelistic initiatives around Tasmania.

What can you use the grant for?
Grant funds can be used for any costs associated with outreach activities that grow the Kingdom of God in Tasmania.

How long is the funding for?
At this stage, Tasmanian Christian Fund is not providing long term funding for long term projects or organisational overheads. It is expected that all grants provided in the first round of grants will be used by 31st December 2016.

When will I know if I’ve been successful?
All applications will be assessed by Tasmanian Christian Fund, and you will be notified of the outcome of your application by June 20th 2016.

How is your grant application assessed?
Applications will be competitively assessed and prioritised according to the following assessment criteria:

Application form question Criteria
Why is this project needed? Need – You have identified a need within the community or greater regions within Tasmania, and your iniatitive will have a direct impact on this.
How will the project be delivered? Planning – Your proposal demonstrates thorough planning of the project and clear activities and KPIs with a solid chance of success.
Value – The methods you choose to conduct this project are cost effective for the outcomes to be produced.
Who is involved? Capacity – You demonstrate that you have access to the skills and resources to undertake and complete the project.
Partnership – You have inspired other individuals, churches or organisations to assist in financially supporting your iniative.
What will the project achieve? Impact – The project will provide lasting outcomes for your local community and/or greater regions within Tasmania.
Evaluation – You identify how you will measure the success of the project.

Small Grants up to $5,000

Who is eligible to apply? 

Small grants of up to $5,000 can be provided to Christian organisations or individuals.

Individuals must be endorsed by a Christian organisation (including churches, outreach organisations and NGOs) who are based in Tasmania and hold a current Charitable (ITEC) status of recipient. Tasmanian Christian Fund will provide the grant to the endorsing organisation for allocation to the individual’s project.

Recipients will be required to report back to the TCF on the use of funds and outcomes of projects.

Large Grants between $5,000 and $20,000

Who is eligible to apply?
Christian organisations (including churches, outreach organisations and NGOs) based in Tasmania, who hold a current Charitable (ITEC) status of recipient.

Recipients will be required to report back to the TCF board on the use of funds and outcomes of projects.

test-image  To receive a grant application form contact the grants administrator Nathaniel on 03 6128 3005 or [email protected] . Before you are given an application form your project will be pre-assessed for its likelihood  of successfully receiving a grant.

The Tasmanian Christian Fund has been started by a group of Tasmanian business people with a desire to make as much difference in our state as possible.  It is our hope that other like minded donors will contribute to the Tasmanian Christian Fund and help to support these great initiatives.