We are thrilled to announce that Grant Round 7 will open in Jan 2021! Grants will be available for up to $50,000 for creative evangelistic projects within Tasmania. 

To be the first to know when our Grant Round will open, or to find out more information, please email [email protected]

How can I apply?

On Jan 29, 2021, we will be launching our application process for Grant Round 7.

Each individual or group interested in applying must email [email protected] to receive a copy of our Applicant Information Pack and link to our online Application Form. Submissions for our Youth Grant will close on Feb 26, with all other grants closing March 26. 

How is my grant application assessed?

Applications are assessed in two stages. Our first stage of assessment involves four mandatory criteria:

Location Is this a local Tasmanian project?
Intent Is the focus on evangelism and outreach?
Charitable Status Does the project have Charitable (TCC) status?
Goals What measurable goals do you have for this project?

Projects demonstrating that they meet these four criteria will continue to a second stage of assessment by the TCF board.

The second stage of assessment uses an additional five criteria to determine a project’s suitability for grant funding:


  1. Necessity – Have you identified a genuine and substantial unmet need in the community, and does it have an evangelistic purpose?
  1. Initiative – Is this a new initiative, or an important addition to grow an existing project to new levels?
  1. Outcomes – Do you have a clear and measurable direction for this project?
  1. Delivery – Have you got a clear and complete plan of how to achieve your project goals?
  1. Inspiration – Are others partnered with you in this project, either financially or through volunteering their time and skills?